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EMICO Valves offer a wide product range in sizes 50mm to 1500mm (2″ to 60″) and in various types including Uni-Directional Knife Gate Valves, Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valves, Slurry Knife Gate Valves, PU Lined Knife Gate valves, FEP Lined Knife Gate Valves, Rubber Lined Knife Gate Valves, Through-Going O-Port Knife Gate Valves, etc, as well as Pneumatic Actuators.

Valves are available Semi-Lugged, Fully Lugged, Wafer, Full Face, etc.

Mining Valves

Knife Gate Valves

Uni-Directional range

These valves are designed to handle dirty media with features that ensure minimum contact between moving parts of the valve. This is achieved by having a machined & ground gate that is held between various layers of gland packing with very little contact between the body parts and gate during operational travel.

Seating is achieved with an almost non-sliding motion aided by jams located in the body. Avoiding sliding contact between the gate and body allows this valve to handle abrasive particles present in the media much better than conventional designs. Another feature is the beveled bottom edge of the gate (from which it derives the ‘knife’ in its name) which allows positive closure of the gate even when solid particles settle at the bottom of the body.

In handling abrasive media, deflection cones are generally used to avoid direct impingement of media on the seat surface. Hard facing of seating parts in metal seated valves is generally used. Purge connections using gas or fluids at pressures higher than line pressure are sometimes provided on the valve body to clean seating surfaces (body purges) and packing area (chest purges). This minimises abrasive wear and tear during valve opening and closure.

Knife gate valves are excellent hopper isolation valves with their ability to cut through flowing powders and close by dislodging any material in the seating area. This is also perhaps the only valve design which can tolerate differential thermal expansion of its parts without affecting its functions, thus making an ideal choice for handling high temperature media.

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EA-904 – Semi Lugged
EA-905 – Fully Lugged

Bi-Directional & Slurry Knife Gate Valves

Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are generally uni-directional valves; however, in some applications, valves are required to handle pressure or flow from either directions. Bi-directional designs are used in such situations. EMICO offers a range of bi-directional knife gate valves for such requirements.

Unlike uni-directional knife gate valves, bi-directional valves are always resilient seated. EMICO offers designs which use a U-shaped elastomer seal that provides a peripheral seal along the edge of the gate. There is no raised seat in the flow path and in the open position these valves offer maximum flow area and minimum resistance to flow with lowest pressure drop.

EMICO designs also offer face sealing in the special slurry application knife gate valves.

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EA-906 – Semi Lugged
EA-907 – Full Lugged

Slurry Knife Gates Valves

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EA-EKGD – Slurry Knife Gate Valve
EA-OP – Through-Going O-Port

Lined Knife Gates Valves

Lined Knife Gate Valves are similar to the bi-directional knife gate valves, except that the body internals are lined with either Polyurethane, FEP or Rubber.

These knife gate valves are generally used in severe applications where either corrosion or erosion is prevalent in the media or aplication.

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EA-PU – Bi-directional Replaceable Polyurethane-Cartridge Knife Gate Valve
EA-F46 – Bi-directional FEP (F46) Lined knife gate valve

Actuators & Instrumentation

EMICO pneumatic actuators are designed for easy mounting on the EMICO range of knife gate valves. They offer inter-changeability with the manual hand wheel operator in most sizes and designs. These actuators use a proven piston seal design that uses a PTFE seal backed with nitrile o-ring.

Each model of knife gate valve has its own design actuator.

For the standard knife gate valves, Aluminium cylinder tubes are used upto 300 dia. For the heavy duty slurry applications, Carbon Steel cylinder tubes are used. They offer low friction and long seal life. The piston rod is available in various materials for long trouble-free operation.

These pneumatic actuators are designed for linear valve actuation requirements. EMICO’s pneumatic cylinder is a double acting design and is available in a wide range of cylinder diameters and stroke lengths.

Double Acting pneumatic linear actuators

Design Size: 50mm to 500 cylinder diameter and to suit various valve strokes
Cylinder Material: Aluminium or Carbon Steel, depending on knife gate valve model
Temperature: Depending on actuator cylinder material and o-ring

Actuated valves with instrumentation

Oil & Gas Valves

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