Service & After Sales Support

At EMICO, we do much more than just offer quality knife gate & slurry gate valves. Our well-known customer-first approach has assisted us become the first-choice valve supplier to thousands of end users across the globe.

Local Support

Our local presence, direct or through distribution channels are available between normal working hours, on technical matters, availability, price, trouble-shooting, spares, etc. Site visits are also available on request.

Quality Assurance

EMICO is ISO 9001 accredited. Stringent quality control is the key to the high performance of our products in service. Every valve that leaves our factory is pre-tested to our in-house standards and requirements, which in some cases are more stringent than applicable international standards and industry norms. Records are maintained for every valve produced with each valve carrying a stainless steel tag, riveted to the valve yoke. This provides full details of the valve and facilitates re-ordering of spares.


EMICO standard warranty applies i.e. 18 months from date of despatch from the factory or 12 months from installation, whichever is earlier. Products found defective for materials or workmanship and provided they have been installed in a suitable application, will be repaired or replaced. At EMICO, we are committed to maintaining the service live of our valves sold to our customers, irrespective of the size or material. EMICO knife gate and slurry gate valves are built to last.

“Our well-known customer-first approach has assisted us become the first-choice valve supplier to thousands of end users across the globe”

Tips for Valve Mainetenance

Knife Gate valves are one of the simplest valve designs and in turn, the preventative maintenance schedule is easy and straightforward:

  • Adjust the packing gland every three to four months; or once a month for high-cycle applications. Tighten the gland as needed by tightening bolts evenly on both sides of the gland, using the cross torque method. Normally just a small amount of bolt tightening is required. Do not over tighten to stop a leak. Change the packing if tightening the bolts does not arrest the leak.
  • For slurry valves, check to ensure sleeves are not damaged. For other bi-directional resilient seated valves, carry out regular maintenance on the seats.
  • Lubricate the valve stem and stem nut every three to four months at the top of the yoke.
  • Lubricate the gear operator once a year at shut-downs.

When not in use, knife gate valves should be cycled every four to six months, and if in storage the packing gland bolts slackened. Regular maintenance significantly assists in extending the service life of your knife gate valve.

Technical Information

EMICO uses a code matrix system to categorise the make-up of knife gate valves. Download our Order Code Matrix to view all the details.

View our Knife Gate Valve Selection Guide to help you select the best valve for your application requirements.