About Us

EMICO Valves is a subsidiary of Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd, operating in Melbourne, Australia.

Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. (EMICO), well known for its valve production and foundry, was established in 1984 with its production facilities based in Taiwan as well as China.

EMICO Valves was established in 2008 to serve the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Rim markets for its diverse range of ball, gate, globe & check valves. It now also looks after the international market for its rapidly-expanding range of knife gate valves, slurry valves and actuators, manufactured in China, for the world market.

As the EMICO installed base expanded globally, so did the requirement for local stock, product selection and technical support, leading in 2008 to the creation of EMICO Valves in Melbourne, Australia. From this central base, EMICO are able to service its ever-increasing end-user base, as well as manage project and distribution business.

EMICO provides factory-backed technical and commercial expertise, with an on-site presence when required, anywhere in the Southern Pacific geographic area, and supports EMICO distributors and stockists in Australia, New Zealand and countries covered from this office.

EMICO’s valve products has been sold and stocked in Australia and the Pacific region, including the USA, Europe, etc since 1998, allowing product to be offered and supplied in days rather than weeks and months. So if you are looking for a range of valves to cover the spectrum from low pressure water right through to high velocity and acid slurry, then we may have the valve for you.

Our Mission

To be a leader in knife gate valve technology, offering solutions to customers for varied applications. We will achieve this by working closely with EPC’s and End Users and establish long-term associations with all our customers worldwide.